Live Happily Ever After

Love. Health. Freedom.

I asked my wife Cassy to sum up the results that we help individuals accomplish.
Being a Disney fan, she said, “We help them live ‘Happily Ever After’.”

There are three aspects of the Happily Ever After life.

Health is wealth. Healthy body, healthy mind. It’s about living to your potential. It’s about having more energy, mental clarity,  and positive attitude. Health is about taking care of the gift of your body. It’s about prevention of disease through the way we eat and the way we live. It’s about reducing toxic load and turning back to nature. It’s about setting an example for the next generation so they, too, can live longer with less challenges. Health doesn’t start when our bodies start breaking down, it starts now. Sometimes, that requires freedom.

Financial freedom gives choices. Choices to help your family or to help others. Choices to do what you love doing in life. Choices on what kind of foods to eat or the lifestyle you live and it’s not just about income.  Wealth is measured in time, not money. Time you can spend with your family.Time you can spend living your dreams and potential.  Time you can spend serving a greater cause which leads to love.

We are made to love. The most important thing everyone values is their relationships. We cherish their relationship with our loved  ones. We cherish our relationship with a higher power. People who love their life and appreciate their blessings tend to live a happier life. Success is not only determined by ones finances, but quality of life. This starts with love.

We teach about health and we guide people towards financial freedom and progress in those two facets of life will enhance relationships.

My story

Have you ever wanted the Happily Ever After life, but couldn’t find a career to make it possible?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you did what you love?
Wouldn't it be amazing if you traveled the world or serving a greater cause without fear of finances?
What if you could buy that dream home… and not worry about a mortgage that takes 30 years and more than two incomes to pay off?
Or maybe, you just want to be present with your family and not have to make that work trip without them.

That was me.

Before I started my essential oil business, I was a college drop out dreaming of this Happily Ever After life. Success in all aspects of life. I knew a job wouldn’t give me the freedom I desired or the quality time with my family, so I did the next best thing. I started my first business, a cell phone store. Although I made a living with my business, I didn’t make a life. Like many business owners, I did not own my business. My business owned me. I soon found myself exhausted working 60 hours a week.

Until one day, I was presented with the opportunity to start an essential oil business. It made perfect business sense.  Today, more people are looking for natural alternative ways to take care of their health. Being part of a wellness mission helped me with my personal health and I discovered the power of essential oils.

In two years, I was able to close down my store and finally have the freedom spend with my family and travel the world. Today, my wife and I get work with like minded people every day that have a passion for Health, Wellness, Essential Oils and making positive change in their lives.

If you want to find out how you can incorporate Happily Ever After into your life, please let us know so you can get started!